ctCrossTraining at CrossRoads

If you’re looking for spiritual growth,
join us at 9:00am every Sunday morning!

A great way to grow in our church is to attend one of our CrossTraining classes, which is like Sunday School.  We have classes available ongoing and we begin new studies quarterly.  Generally, we will offer both a book study or a video study.  These studies begin at 9:00am and run until just before our 10:00am service.

Spring Quarter in Session

At some point, we’ve all found ourselves in the middle of a mess relationally, professionally, or maybe even financially.  When you have a mess to address, first options aren’t usually the best options. First options often make messes messier. In this video study, Andy explores an approach that can take the -er out of your messy situations, and he reminds us how those messes may actually be our best opportunity to move toward God and God’s best opportunity to do something incredible through us. Sundays at 9:00am.

Join us on a journey through the last 2000 years as we discuss the history of Christ’s church.  Sundays at 9:00am.