FOCUS Rocks!Creative 3D pieces of puzzle and word FOCUS

The FOCUS youth group at CrossRoads Church is open for all students from 7th grade through Senior High.  Topics vary but the love of God for all is stressed as well as the growing of a servant’s heart.  FOCUS meets at 2:00 every Sunday afternoon, led by Youth Leader, Heather Govreau.  Heather loves young people and seeks to bring them a knowledge of who Jesus is and what He wants for them in their lives.  She is assisted by three other members of our church, Amanda Nestler, Jody Rogers,  and Bruce House.  They help in supporting Heather and offering guidance for the youth.

youthgirlsyouthgirls2CRyouthcampEvery summer we send our youth to Golden Bell Camp in Colorado.  It’s a week-long camp that allows them to grow in their walk with Christ.  The experience is always uplifting and beneficial to the children and adults alike.  In some cases, it is even life-changing.  The Youth’s annual Chili Feed (held in February) is one of the principal events that earns money for the scholarships we are able to provide.  At this event, the youth serves chili, provides entertainment and camp testimonies, and organizes a baked goods auction.  This year’s chili feed was a success and we raised $2,192.00 of our $5,000 goal for summer camp.  We had great success at our Tony Bowell Concert where all proceeds went to the youth for youth camp.  We raised an additional $2,417.00 for a grand total of $4,609.00 for youth camp this year.


We are looking forward to Youth Camp 2018!


Students of FOCUS believe in the value of being a part of the church!

At CrossRoads we feel it is important for our youth to get involved and we try to find ways in which they can contribute to the church.  One way they help out every year is by working at Kingdom Jam, an annual event hosted by CrossRoads Church on the second Sunday in January.  It is a fundraiser event in which all proceeds go to the research of SIDS.  The youth help out with the sale of hot dogs, cotton candy, and other snacks.  Pictured is a student of FOCUS helping at this years event where $6,417.89 was raised for the fight against SIDS.